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May 28, 2010

Introducing Cloud Lifecycle Management

Courtesy: BMC Communities

I’m thrilled to announce that BMC has released our new Cloud Lifecycle Management product, a big step forward in our overall Cloud Service Management strategy. (See the press release here). I’ll be spending the next several blog entries describing and explaining our new product, the business and technical drivers behind it, and how this helps both Enterprise IT and Service Providers to quickly, reliably, and efficiently build and operate Cloud environments.

So, what exactly are we announcing? This release marks the General Availability(GA) of a new BMC product, Cloud Lifecycle Management, providing

•A Service Catalog, purpose-built for cloud offerings
•A Self-Service Portal, allowing service owners to perform basic administrative activities on their own services (and only on their own services), and to request new services with ….
•A Service Request Wizard, permitting customized, on-demand provisioning of services, within constraints defined and controlled by the catalog designer
•Pre-built workflows that integrate with existing IT management systems, allowing organizations to introduce Cloud while continuing to leverage existing policies, processes, people, and tools

Most importantly, this new product was created in conjunction with several strategic design partners – both Enterprises and Service Providers, in the US, EMEA, and APAC – and further validated by an additional 25 customers. By working closely with such a broad set of customers during the design and implementation of our product, we’ve ensured that BMC products meet clear and compelling customer needs, and deliver real-world value on day 1. (And, day 1 is today, not 6 months from now…)

Delivering such immediate value is, in fact, one of the key tenets of our cloud philosophy – to build pragmatic products that meet customers’ needs, and can quickly and easily integrate and extend existing environments without introducing new silos.

OK, I admit that this was rather breathless, but I’m excited by this announcement, and wanted to share this with the community. Look for more postings here on an ongoing basis, where we’ll discuss the elements of our new offerings, customer scenarios, and the evolving Cloud market.


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