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July 19, 2009

Start Saving: PocketSmith Is A Crystal Ball For Your Bank Accounts

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Saving money is tough work, even when you’re working towards something you really want, like a new car or a vacation. First, there’s the business of actually finding someone to write you a paycheck each month, and then you have to look at that pile of cash sitting in your bank account, just begging to be spent on the latest DVD, book, or gadget that suits your fancy. And there’s always the predictable but expensive costs like rent and insurance that keep eating away at those savings, not to mention the issues you can’t plan for.

PocketSmith is a new startup that’s looking to help. The site offers a range of tools for managing your financials both now and in the future, hopefully helping you reach your financial goals in the process. This week it’s leaving beta, and is offering the first 50 TechCrunch readers to Email contact@pocketsmith.com a free premium account for six months.

There are a number of well known financial services already on the web, including Wesabeand Mint, which won the to prize at 2007’s TechCrunch 40 conference. But whereas Mint is really about looking at your spending habits and figuring out ways to save, PocketSmith is more of a calendar for finances that lets you set financial goals and track your progress over time.

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